CRM Webinar

The Ibergrid team and the User Community Support Team setup a vTiger Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to support the "Community Outreach" activity of the NGIs and in a number of areas: - Recording identified contacts & leads to user communities; associate information with these leads based on interviews, discussions - Gathering intelligence about scientific communities, institutes and projects and about topics of collaboration with them - Monitoring activities and progress in community outreach topics - Helping NILs and staff locate expertise inside NGIs The CRM system has been tuned according to the needs identified by the "Intelligence Collection & Analysis Process" and "ESFRI Contact List" Virtual Team projects in the last two months. ( The features and configuration of the CRM system will be presented, demonstrated and discussed during this webinar. The webinar provides opportunity for you to review and provide feedback on the different services and interfaces of the system and on its envisaged use cases. Based on the feedback to be collected at the event the CRM will be fine tuned and will be opened for the NGIs and

Post-event follow-up:

Thank you for those who attended the CRM webinar. The presented slides are attached to this agenda. The slides provide tutorial-style information on getting access and using the system. The NGI International Liaisons (NILs) can already access to the CRM system with their EGI SSO account. Other people from the NGIs with SSO account can request access in email (egicrm.helpdesk AT Please CC the email to your NIL. (NILs list:

Next steps:

1. Request access to (if you don't have yet) and start using the system by entering new ESFRI or non-ESFRI contacts; details of discussions you have with these contacts, etc.
2. Provide feedback & request changes to the system in email (egicrm.helpdesk AT until the 27th of February.
3. LIP will finalise the system based on the feedback between 27 Feb - 12 March. The system is opened for all the NGIs after that.
4. We will discuss the experiences about the system and will check the collected data at the next NIL meeting. 26 March: (in Munich).
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