17-21 September 2012
Clarion Conference Centre
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APEL as a Global Accounting Repository

19 Sep 2012, 11:40
Zenit (Clarion Conference Centre)


Clarion Conference Centre

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Ms Alison Packer (STFC)

Description of the work

APEL has been collecting CPU accounting data for EGI, EGEE, and the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid since 2004. As a precursor to developing a distributed server architecture for APEL a major redesign started in 2011. One element of this was a new transport layer SSM (described in another abstract). SSM uses the production EGI Messaging Infrastructure rather than a dedicated broker. The migration of OSG, DGAS, SGAS, and few site-specific accounting systems is under way and this led to the engagement with a variety of other accounting systems, including, Globus, ARC, MAPPER, and EDGI.

The next stages of evolution will be for the APEL client to use this infrastructure and thus migrate the bulk of EGI sites. Then a NGI version of the APEL repository can be deployed for NGIs to manage their own job-level data and send summaries on to the global repository.

Wider impact of this work

This work has widened the accounting coverage of the EGI ecosystem to well beyond EGI itself. International VOs can accumulate accounting data from a variety of middleware solutions and thus a wider coverage of sites and e-infrastructures.

Printable Summary

The APEL Central Accounting Repository has gone through a major redevelopment in the last year. The ability for non-APEL systems to publish accounting records over the EGI Messaging Bus was developed for the infrastructures running their own accounting systems and a few sites. As a result of this development a number of other infrastructures have planned to send their accounting data to APEL, thus widening the accounting coverage of the global e-infrastructure. The new transport layer SSM has also been used to transport new types of accounting usage records for prototypes and tests. This has extended accounting coverage in scope as well as geographical range.

This presentation describes the progress made in the past year by the EGI Accounting Infrastructure, lists the various systems now publishing and the roadmap for others.

Primary author

Ms Alison Packer (STFC)

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