8-12 April 2013
The University of Manchester
GB timezone

EGI Virtual Team (VT) projects – “The beauty of small goals”

10 Apr 2013, 14:00
2.219 (The University of Manchester)


The University of Manchester

Workshop Community Coordination and Communication (Track Lead: C Gater and S Andreozzi) Workshop


The VT framework enables NGI and EGI.eu persons to initiate and participate in short living projects that focus on well defined, non-operational activities around the production infrastructure. VTs focus around new communities and/or sustainability and cover areas such as Marketing & Communication; Strategic Planning and Policy Support; Community outreach and events for new users; Technical outreach and support to new communities. The framework allows the EGI community to plan all related activities in conjunction and collaboration with the NGIs. The application of the VT framework is limited only by the scope and imagination of the NGIs to commit resources to any particular goal. Some of the projects that run within the framework: Identifying Fire and Smoke Simulation teams, Establish the process for creating a network of EGI champions, Digital Cultural Heritage - EGI Integration, Assessing the adoption of Federated Identity Providers within the EGI Community, ESFRI Contact List.




Expanding EGI’s user-base is a daunting goal unless broken down into bite sized chunks. In 2011, EGI-InSPIRE defined a new Virtual Team (VT) project framework that would reach out and engage with new scientific user communities. More than a dozen VTs have already concluded successfully. This workshop:
- provides meeting point for VT members;
- a platform for VT leaders to present their achievements and explain how they progress from a ‘manageable’ goal to a final result.;
- cover techniques & best practices that can help simplify the task of managing projects as well as the monitoring and reporting procedures that are currently in place.
The session is targeted at those who wish to learn of new developments and communities in EGI, and especially for those who want to be part of new development paths for EGI.

URL https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Virtual_Team_Projects

Primary author

Richard McLennan (EGI.EU)

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