Apr 8 – 12, 2013
The University of Manchester
GB timezone

Scientific Program

We welcome contributions that capture activity that is driving forward usage of the infrastructure in terms of flexibility, ease of use and diversity of usage. The EGI Community Forum will present experiences, solutions and best practices for international collaboration from across the whole of the EGI ecosystem.

The following topic descriptions provide some further guidance to the subject areas that we are looking for in submissions. Submissions can be provided as presentations, technical or training sessions, workshops, posters or demos.

Virtual research environments

Usage and development of gateways and portals customized for applications, devices and user preferences: how are researchers conducting their work? How do VREs build and interact with the EGI’s Core, Cloud and Collaborative Infrastructure platforms? What technologies and services are available to help other domains acquire their own VREs? How are different research domains achieving this? We particularly welcome contributions that capture the state of the art for specific research disciplines.

Community platforms

What are the programmable tools and middleware services needed to achieve the federation of resources needed by different research communities? What are the best practices for constructing, delivering and extending platforms to promote reuse? What are the technologies and middleware solutions that are used as the building blocks for constructing and connecting infrastructure resources for data and compute intensive applications and for collaborative environments? We particularly welcome contributions that present achievements and plans for international collaborations beyond Europe for both services and software development.

Cloud platforms

Use of infrastructure virtualisation through EGI’s Cloud Infrastructure Platform as a means to extend and expand diversity: what platforms are needed to support the whole range of research communities? Virtualisation technology offers a scalable approach for communities of all sizes to easily deploy customised solutions to develop platforms upon which to build and deliver their own services. We welcome contributions that capture significant practical achievements and proofs of concept in this area.

Operational services

Issues relating to the services and policies needed to manage distributed resources in EGI and other infrastructures through EGI's Core Infrastructure Platform; EGI services for ESFRI research infrastructures; resource allocation services, policies and procedures; support, monitoring and accounting services from EGI; operations services, policies and procedures to support the federation of different types of infrastructure.

Coordination and communication

Coordination and communication across the EGI ecosystem: how do researchers learn about the benefits and services that are available across the EGI ecosystem? How do researchers connect with other researchers and how will they access resources in the future? What is the most effective community coordination and communication model in terms of how communities communicate with EGI? How can EGI sustainably add value to current and new user communities?

Submissions will also be welcome on the following: EGI’s role in coordinating, managing and provisioning services in the wider landscape of international research computing beyond Europe; the adoption of recognised processes and standards that will directly impact the daily activities of researchers; and the role of the Open Source Software community in developing scientific software.
  • Virtual Research Environments (Track Lead: G Sipos and N Ferreira)

  • Community Platforms (Track Lead: P Solagna and M Drescher)

  • Cloud Platforms (Track Lead: M Drescher and M Turilli)

  • Operational Services (Track Lead: T Ferrari and M Krakowian)

  • Community Coordination and Communication (Track Lead: C Gater and S Andreozzi)