Apr 8 – 12, 2013
The University of Manchester
GB timezone


Software Carpentry workshop

Apr 11, 2013, 11:00 AM
The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester

Manchester, UK


Software Carpentry workshop

  • Michel Drescher (EGI.EU)

Software Carpentry workshop

  • Michel Drescher (EGI.EU)

Software Carpentry workshop

  • Michel Drescher (EGI.EU)


Software Carpentry boot camp "highlights"

* http://go.egi.eu/swcarpentry *

EGI.eu, together with the UK Software Sustainability Institute, will run three Software Carpentry sessions for researchers at the EGI Forum on Thursday 11th April. These sessions are drawn from Software Carpentry's highly successful and popular boot camps which teach software development skills to researchers, enabling them to do more, in less time and with less pain. The three sessions are:

-11:00 Using version control to record provenance and collaborate more easily. This session includes an introduction to Git and GitHub.
-14:00 Using testing to help ensure your software, and results, are correct.
-16:00. Data management using files and NoSQL databases to manage your data more easily. This session includes an introduction to the NoSQL database MongoDB.

Attendees at the EGI Forum are free to attend any or all of the sessions, up to a maximum of 40 - first-come first-served.

For all 3 sessions, you should have some familiarity with using a command-line (e.g. a Linux shell or terminal window, or the DOS prompt). For the testing and data management sessions, you should also have knowledge of a programming language (e.g. C, FORTRAN or Java) or scripting language (e.g. Perl, Bash or MATLAB). We'll be using Python but we'll provide a quick introduction to the key syntax in each case.

You'll also need to bring your laptop. You'll need an internet browser and you'll also need access to software tools we'll be using in the workshop. You can either use an SSH client to access a VM we'll provide for you (we'll give you the login on the day), or install VMWare and run a VM image we've prepared, or, you can install all the tools yourself.

For more information on the tools you need, and a link to our VMWare VM, please see,


Our training materials will also be made available via this page at the outset of the Forum.

Presentation materials

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Dr Mike Jackson (EPCC)
4/11/13, 11:00 AM
Community Platforms (Track Lead: P Solagna and M Drescher)
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