23 October 2013
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VOMS support, MyProxy Tool, and Globus Online Tool in GSISSH-Term

23 Oct 2013, 14:10
Chaired from Amsterdam (via Adobe Connect)

Chaired from Amsterdam

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VOMS support, MyProxy Tool, and Globus Online Tool in GSISSH-Term

  • Siew Hoon Leong (LRZ)


GSISSH-Term is the tool for you if you want to do any of the following:

  • Automatic setup and update of EGI VOMS and VOMSES on your laptop.
  • Generate and upload a VOMS-enabled proxy from your laptop.
  • Start “big data” transfers with Globus Online.

GSISSH-Term is a Java-based terminal client for GSISSH/SSH interactive access. It is a one click install and launch client (Java WebStart) with many tools included, like VO Management Tool, MyProxy Tool, and Globus Online Tool, to make using the Grid, particularly EGI, a breeze. Forget about setting up the VOMS and CA certificates. GSISSH-Term will do it for you. Use the simple MyProxy Tool client to upload a VOMS-enabled proxy and start your “big data” transfers with the intuitive “Drag and Drop” Globus Online (GridFTP) Tool. What’s more, in this talk you get to learn some “hidden” or “less known” features straight from the developer. Instead of worrying about the nitty-gritty details to prepare for the Grid, you can spend more time on your science. This webinar will mainly be a live demo (hands-on).

This customised and improved version of GSISSH-Term branched out from the NGS maintained version. The first development effort began at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in 2009. Additional development work was funded by IGE from 2011 for two and a half years. Since then, it is a part of EGI UMD. Currently, the development work continues at LRZ as a commitment to the EGCF (European Globus Community Forum) and EGI. It is known to be used by EGI VO members from verce.eu and drihm.eu and is a recommended tool for interactive access in PRACE.

About the Speaker: Siew Hoon Leong has six and a half years of Grid experience. She is working at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, an EGI resource provider, and is a member of EGCF. Currently, she leads a work package in the EU project VERCE, which is employing EGI resources for earthquake and seismology research. She was involved in other grid projects like IGE, DEISA, and DGrid and had been invited to give Grid trainings to DEISA and PRACE users. She is currently working on her PhD thesis in urgent computing research for e-Infrastructures.

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