19-23 May 2014
Helsinki University, Main Building
Europe/Helsinki timezone

Business Scenarios

21 May 2014, 16:15
Room 6 (Helsinki University, Main Building)

Room 6

Helsinki University, Main Building


Sy Holsinger (EGI.EU)


Pay-for-use activities are being carried out based on the articulation of specific business scenarios in order to pragmatically and efficiently develop both business processes and technical specifications through user stories. These scenarios have been split in two phases, first starting with the basic requirements to implement a pay-for-use model with the second coming with more mature functionality such as pricing schemes and increased automation. The business scenarios are then coupled with a few real world use cases that are helping to answer very specific questions and issues such as participation in the Helix Nebula Marketplace. These approaches and scenarios will be furthered detailed during the presentation.

Presentation Materials