November 30, 2017 to December 1, 2017
The Square Meeting Centre
Europe/Brussels timezone
Connecting the building blocks for Open Science

List of Posters

List of posters accepted to the DI4R

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  2   Nordic Tier1 as a sustainable model for an international infrastructure Oxana Smirnova
  3   MSO4SC: A distributed cloud and HPC infrastructure for modelling and simulation Javier Nieto
  4   IRUS-UK: Improving understanding of the value and impact of Institutional Repositories Ross Macintyre
  5   Ocean Data Interoperability Platform: using regional data systems for global ocean research Helen Glaves
  6   Estonian Self-Service for E-infrastructures Ilja Livenson
  7   Helping users discover and access Europe’s e-infrastructure services Jelena Angelis
  8   An innovative hybrid–cloud platform to support science Gennaro Fontanarosa
  9   A summer school for all seasons: Projecting the lessons from the EUDAT Summer School to the future Marjan Grootveld
  10   EUDAT CDI - Data shared and preserved across borders and disciplines Sara Garavelli
  11   BlueBRIDGE: building the basis for a Blue EOSC Massimo Castagnoli
  12   How Datasets and Competitions facilitate Research in Document Analysis Florian Kleber
  13   Blueprint for hybrid cloud federation for research Enol Fernandez
  14   Training Life Scientists in Open Reproducible Research; a Data Science scenario Fotis Psomopoulos
  15   B2SHARE-FAIR: A REST/JSON-LD approach to implement the FAIR Data Point specification in B2SHARE João Moreira, Thijs Cobben
  16   Agile competence driven Data Science Educational Environment: From Competences Management and Curriculum Design to Virtual Labs On-Demand Yuri Demchenko
  17   CYCLONE Security Middleware: Enabling Security infrastructure for Multi-Cloud Applications, Deployment Automation and Compliance Yuri Demchenko
  18   Operas: open access in the european research area through scholarly communication Pierre Mounier
  19   OpenAIRE monitoring services for funders Pedro Príncipe
  20   OpenAIRE services in support of “Open Science as-a-Service” Paolo Manghi
  21   Peer-review of the research flow Alessia Bardi / Paolo Manghi
  22   The evolving landscape of Federated Research Data Infrastructures in Europe Herbert Gruttemeier
  23   German Network for Educational Research Data – Experiences from a federated research data infrastructure for educational studies in Germany Doris Bambey
  24   FAIR Software: Towards Fully Open Science and Software Impact Jason Maassen
  25   EUDAT-B2FIND : A FAIR-friendly and interdisciplinary data catalogue Heinrich Widmann
  26   On the way towards Research Data Management training at Kaunas University of Technology. Rasa Dovidonytė
  27   Cross-infrastructure service interoperability needs for Research Infrastructures and e-Infrastructures Gergely Sipos
  28   New Ways to Interact with Usage Accounting Adrian Coveney
  29   Diffusion Phenomena Simulation at SoBigData Research Infrastructure Beatrice Rapisarda
  30   A Generic Research Data Infrastructure (GeRDI) in the context of EOSC Jakob Tendel
  31   Building a trustworthy and inter-operable data publication service to publish marine research data as citable and traceable datasets Klaas Deneudt
  32   Scholix: connecting research data with scientific literature Hollie Hayward
  33   Integrated service delivery across e-Infrastructures and Service Providers Afrodite Sevasti / Garreth Malone
  34   Towards FAIR wind energy data Pawel Gancarski
  35   Exposing Your Data to Onedata Ecosystem Michał Orzechowski / Łukasz Dutka
  36   SowiDataNet: A research data infrastructure for social sciences and economics Peter Loewe
  37   OSGeo - collaborative development of open geospatial technologies and data for Open Science in Europe Peter Loewe
  38   Infrastructures at (radio) astronomical scale Yan Grange
  39   (Re)Using OpeNER and PANACEA Web Services in the CLARIN Research Infrastructure Riccardo del Gratta
  40   RDA ICT Technical Specifications - Building technical bridges to facilitate data sharing and re-use Timea Biro