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Gianni Dalla Torre (, Giuseppe La Rocca (, Yin Chen (

The 4th. edition of the Design your Community e-infrastructure Workshop will take place on the week of the 2nd of November in Amsterdam, during the EGI Conference 2020. The exact date of the workshop will be defined closer to the date, as part of the EGI Conference (Nov. 4 is indicative in the header of this page).

This one-day interactive workshop will look into the design and setup of Community e-infrastructures for scientific communities and their use cases.

This workshop brings together scientific communities, projects, and service providers from the EGI community with the goal to design and facilitate proof-of-concept and pilot setups that tackle the scientific communities' problems.

During the workshop:

  • Participants will hear short introduction talks about the EGI services.
  • Representatives of the invited use cases will introduce their scientific challenges and e-infrastructure needs.
  • Attendees will form small groups to analyse the use cases and to match-make those with offered/emerging solutions from the EGI community. The working groups will define/design proof-of-concept setups and road-maps to implement these using 'off-the-shelf' and customized solutions from the EGI community.  

The main outcome of this workshop will be proof-of-concept and pilot use cases that will can be implemented by EGI in collaboration with the invited scientific communities. 

How to apply - Use cases

The workshop is inviting scientific community use cases before the 14th of August. Selected use cases (approx 5 to 7 use cases) will be featured during the event. Proposals can be submitted via this form ('Submit new abstract' button at the bottom. Choose 'Use case' as contribution type). The abstracts must include the following information (in max. 500 words):  

  • Main contact
  • Scientific goals and objectives
  • E-infrastructure needs (requested types/domains of services)
  • Details of the applications and data sets that the e-infrastructure should support
  • Motivation to apply
  • Any other relevant detail 

What will we get out of the workshop?

  • Design and implementation plans for community-specific e-infrastructure use cases.
  • Answers to participants' questions concerning EGI services and technologies.
  • Better understanding of the participating scientific use cases.
  • Social network formed between use cases and e-infrastructure service providers.
  • Gaps in e-infrastructure offerings, and service candidates to fill these gaps.
  • Connections among e-infrastructure communities.

The workshop is organised for

  • Scientific project, research infrastructures and research communities and groups who would like to setup, access or operate an e-infrastructure. 
  • Technology and service providers from the EGI community. The providers will present their services and will engage with the use cases through the break-out sessions of the afternoon.


Members of the EGI Community Support Team: 

  • Giuseppe La Rocca, Yin Chen, and Gianni Dalla Torre.

The organisers can be reached via the email list.


  • Registration is open for the representatives of scientific use cases, and representatives from the EGI community who want to support the use cases.  
  • Your registration will be received by the event managers who will approve it or get back for clarification about your plans at this event if needed. 
  • Don't book flights until we confirm your registration.
  • Contact the organisers via in case of questions. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Attending the EGI Conference requires separate registration. 

Previous events

This will be the 4th. edition of the Design workshop. Similar workshops were organised during the EGI Conference in 2019 and 2016, and at the DI4R Conference in 2017.


Exact venue in Amsterdam is to be confirmed.

How to reach the venue

To be added.


    • 09:00 09:30
      Arrival & Coffee 30m
    • 09:30 09:45
      Welcome and introduction
      • Structure of the workshop
      • Goals of the day
    • 09:45 10:55
      EGI services

      During this session the EGI service catalogue will be presented and discussed. This will help us establish a common understanding about existing possibilities with EGI, so later during the day we will be able to map scientific use cases to specific services and service capabilities.

    • 10:55 11:15
      Coffee break
    • 11:15 13:00
      E-infrastructure use cases

      Introduction of the scientific use cases and their expected use of EGI.

      Convener: Dr Gergely Sipos (
      • 11:15
        Application no.1 15m

        Abstract of the Application no.1 goes here

      • 11:30
        Application no.2 15m

        Abstract of the Application no.2 goes here

      • 11:45
        Application no.3 15m

        Abstract of the Application no.3 goes here

      • 12:00
        Application no.4 15m

        Abstract of the Application no.4 goes here

      • 12:15
        Application no.5 15m

        Abstract of the Application no.5 goes here

      • 12:30
        Application no.6 15m

        Abstract of the Application no.6 goes here

      • 12:45
        Application no.7 15m

        Abstract of the Application no.7 goes here

    • 13:00 14:00
    • 14:00 17:00
      Break-out groups - Designing community-specific e-infrastructures (incl. a coffee break between 14:40-15:00)

      Forming break-out groups to analyse and further discuss the e-infrastructure use cases. Each group will consist of representatives of one/more use cases and e-infrastructure experts/providers. Each group will have a convener. The use case analysis will be performed with a pre-defined template which will be provided for the conveners. The outcome of the break-out analysis will be e-infrastructure design and e-infrastructure implementation plans. These will be presented to the audience at the end of the day, and will drive post-workshop implementation work.

      First break-out: Complete the 'Background' and 'Users' topics of the use case presetnations (1h)
      1. Who will be the users? Can the users be characterised? How many are they?
      2. What value will the envisaged system deliver for them (the whole setup)? What will the system exactly deliver to them? (Customer's pains and gains)
      3. How should they use the system? (Customer's job)
      4. What's the timeline for development, testing and large-scale operation? (Consider consecutive releases if possible)

      14:40-15:00 Coffee break

      Second break-out: Design the setup and define implementation plan (1.5h)
      1. What should the first version include? - The most basic product prototype imaginable already bringing value to the users (the so-called Minimal Viable Product - MVP)
      2. Which components/services already exist in this architecture?
      3. Which components/services are under development (and by who)?
      4. Which components/services should be brought into the system from EGI or its partners? Which partners can/should do it?
      5. Are there gaps in the current EGI service catalogue that should be filled in order to implement the use case? Which service provider could fill the gap?

    • 17:00 17:15
      Break 15m
    • 17:15 18:00
      Reporting back and discussion from each break-out group