Webinar programme

Using compute services in EOSC: Experiences and advices from EOSC-hub

by Enol Fernandez (EGI.eu)


Objectives of the Webinar

  • Learn about the main compute services of EOSC-hub and how to get started with them
  • Find out about existing scientific communities relying on EOSC-hub compute services to meet their needs

Target Audience

User communities interested in the computing services offered by EOSC-hub.


  • 5' Welcome
  • 40' Webinar presentation
  • 15' Q&A


EOSC-hub brings together advanced computing services into a federated solution that covers the needs of research communities: from powerful and fully-customisable Infrastructure as a Service to high-level and interactive computing platforms. This webinar introduces the main compute services of EOSC-hub with a focus on how they can be used for data and compute driven research and to support the development of advanced services for research and science. The webinar will showcase actual examples of use cases in production that leverage the EOSC-hub services for their daily needs.

About the Speaker

Enol leads the compute services area in EOSC-hub since 2018. He is Cloud Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation working on the definition of the EGI Cloud federation architecture and its innovation roadmap. He supports EOSC-hub users in the co-design and implementation of solutions for meeting the computing requirements of their research platforms and applications.

Previously, he worked in the User Community Support Team of EGI and as middleware developer and providing support to user communities at UAB and CSIC in the context of distributed computing European projects.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Universitat Autòmoma de Barcelona and a Computing Engineering Degree from Universidad de La Laguna.


Register on the main page: https://www.eosc-hub.eu/webinar-programme