How to orchestrate services in the EOSC Compute Platform with the INDIGO PaaS

by Marica Antonacci (INFN), Giacinto Donvito (INFN)


Target audience

  • Scientific communities, developers, integrators and end users

Webinar programme (1h)

  • Overview of the INDIGO PaaS Orchestration system (20 min)

  • Demo (25 min)

  • Q&A (15 min)


The INDIGO PaaS implements an abstraction and federation layer on top of heterogeneous distributed computing environments: it allow to orchestrate and coordinate the provisioning of virtualized compute and storage resources on Cloud Management Frameworks, both private and public (like OpenStack, OpenNebula, AWS, etc.), and the deployment of dockerized long-running services and batch jobs on Container Orchestration Platforms like Apache Mesos and Kubernetes. 

In this webinar, we will describe the architecture of the INDIGO Platform and its main features. The demo will show how users can easily interact with this orchestration system using both the command line interface and the web dashboard.


Marica Antonacci


Technologist, Cloud Computing Expert, at INFN Bari

Giacinto Donvito


Technologist at INFN

Marica Antonacci. From 2003 to 2012 Marica worked as a Software Engineer for an Italian private company developing software and technologically advanced solutions in the field of Earth Observation. In 2013 she started to work for INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) gaining experience and skills in cloud computing technologies. She has contributed to several national and european projects in the area of cloud computing, like INDIGO-DataCloud, DEEP Hybrid-DataCloud, eXtreme-DataCloud, EOSC-Hub, etc. 

Marica has the role of system administrator of the production cloud site at the ReCaS datacenter (INFN-CLOUD-BARI) and is responsible for its integration in the EGI Federated Cloud. 

Giacinto Donvito is the system administrator of the CMS and Alice Tier-2 computing centre at INFN-Bari since 2004. He has participated in all the EGEE and EGI projects and worked for several bioinformatics projects (BioinfoGRID, LIBI, BioVeL) gaining experience in supporting users from different scientific communities. He worked for IGI (Italian Grid Initiative) where he was involved in testing Cloud Computing solutions and grid services. He is now working for the ReCaS project to test innovative solutions for storage management and batch systems. In the PRISMA project, aiming at the implementation of a full IaaS+PaaS cloud solution for Public Administration and scientific communities, he leads the WP taking care of implementing the IaaS layer. He has collaborated since the beginning with the EGI Cloud Task Force to support the OpenStack-based INFN-Bari deployment. It is now acting as Technical Director and as WP leader of the Work Package developing PaaS layer in INDIGO-DataCloud project.

Organized by

EGI Foundation

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