Data Management in EGI with Rucio and FTS

by Andrea Manzi (EGI.eu), Tim Noble (STFC)




Target audience

  • Scientific communities, developers, integrators and end users

Webinar programme (1h)

  • Introduction to Rucio and its capabilities (Tim) (20 min)

  • Introduction to FTS and its capabilities (Andrea) (10 min)

  • Rucio demo/tutorial (Tim) (15 min)

  • Q&A (15 min)

Description about the presentation

Rucio (https://rucio.cern.ch/) is a data management software, originally developed for ATLAS at CERN to supersede their previous data management software 10 years ago. Since then Rucio has been constantly developed by ATLAS and other communities that have come to use Rucio, ensuring that it is a feature rich, and well maintained open software.

Multi-VO Rucio implemented by the STFC in the UK hosts Rucio as a service for many communities. This is to provide communities the opportunity to use Rucio for their data management solution, without having to learn about, and host their own instance of Rucio.

We will discuss how Rucio works generally, this includes how you would interact with Rucio, some of the important concepts within Rucio, and what Rucio then interacts with to move the data. 

FTS ( https://fts.web.cern.ch/fts/ ) is a low level data movement service, responsible for reliable bulk transfer of files between storages. It’ s responsible for globally distributing the majority of the LHC data across the WLCG infrastructure and it supports many communities is EGI. We will introduce the main functionalities and show how to interact with the service in order to schedule transfers.


Timothy Noble


Computer Systems Engineer at STFC

Andrea Manzi


Data Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation 

Timothy Noble is a Computer Systems Engineer at STFC, and is the Rucio Service manager for the Multi-VO Rucio instance based there. Originally trained in molecular and cellular biology to the level of PhD and having worked with some small biotechnology companies, Tim is now on a PhD conversion course within STFC to develop his skills within scientific computing. As well as the service manager Tim is also working with the other Rucio developers to improve the software.

Andrea Manzi works as Data Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation assisting user communities in the integration of scientific applications and platforms with the EGI services and pilots and validating solutions against user requirements. Andrea worked 11 years at CERN and, as part of the storage team, he developed storage  and data transfer solutions, leading the FTS (File Transfer Service) project, and participated in different EU projects (D4Science I and II, iMarine, XDC). Andrea has been previously employed at ISTI-CNR in Italy as software developer. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa (Italy).


Organized by

Dr Yin Chen

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