Sep 19 – 23, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

EGI-ACE webODV - Online extraction, analysis and visualization of SeaDataNet and Argo data

Sep 20, 2022, 7:00 PM
1st floor (Vienna Andel Prague)

1st floor

Vienna Andel Prague

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Sebastian Mieruch-Schnuelle (Alfred-Wegener-Institut)


In the framework of the EGI-ACE project, we are deploying the webODV application on EGI infrastructure at and provide large temperature and salinity datasets from the SeaDataNet ( project and the international Argo ( program. webODV is the online version of the widely used ODV (Ocean Data View, software for working with marine observation datasets. The idea is to provide clients with user-friendly interfaces in their web-browser and give access to datasets centrally maintained and administered on a server. Users will always work with the latest version of the datasets and will not have to download and store the data on the local computer. webODV is integrated with the EGI Check-in service and will have a promotional impact on EOSC, broadening and improving the service in cloud environments.
Presently, webODV provides two complementary services, webODV Data Extractor and webODV Data Explorer. Users select between these services after choosing a dataset. The goal of the extraction service is to provide an easy and intuitive data subsetting procedure, where data can be downloaded as text files, ODV collections or netCDF files. The explore service provides “ODV-like” functionality in the user’s web-browser for creating maps, surface-plots, section-plots, scatter-plots, filtering data etc. Users can download high-resolution images of the entire canvas or individual windows and can export the data of the current station set or of individual data windows. Analyses and visualizations can be fully reproduced by using the so-called xview files e.g. for sharing.
In addition to the public webODV version, we are working on a prototype of a webODV-on-demand solution, integrated with the EOSC PaaS orchestrator ( Users can request private webODV instances and workspaces to create their own ODV data collections or to work with private data in read-write mode.

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Primary author

Sebastian Mieruch-Schnuelle (Alfred-Wegener-Institut)


Prof. Reiner Schlitzer (Alfred-Wegener-Institut) Marica Antonacci (INFN) Dick Schaap (Mariene Informatie Service MARIS BV) Peter Thijsse (MARIS) Andrea Manzi (

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