iMagine AI platform webinar for users




The iMagine AI platform team in WP4 is producing a user guide (formally deliverable D4.1). The document will be released in late November. 

This webinar will introduce D4.1 and will demonstrate the main AI platform capabilities. The goal is that all the use cases familiarise themselves with the platform before we meet f2f at the end of January.


  • Welcome (Gergely Sipos, EGI)
  • Introduction to the iMagine AI Platform and its baseline technology  (DEEP-Indigo-DataCloud) (Ignacio Heredia CSIC, Valentin Kozlov KIT)
    • Overview of D4.1
    • Overview of main platform capabilities
      • For basic users
      • For intermediate users
      • For advanced users
    • Demos
  • Q&A



Timeline for use cases:

  • D4.1 was released in early Dec:

  • This webinar on 15/12

  • 30-31/Jan - F2F workshop with hands-on tutorial and discussions:

  • 28/Feb - D3.1 Technical development roadmap for the mature AI image analysis use cases  → And also for the pilot use cases

The agenda of this meeting is empty