EGI - RedClara technology and community meeting


During this video call EGI will present technical details about the cloud-container-HTC-HPC federation technologies that are used in Europe and can be relevant for RedClara to establish a compute federation. EGI will present multiple technical setups and show the type of use cases that these can support. RedClara will present the existing systems from the reagion, and the use cases and scientific communities they intend to support. The talks will be followed by a discussion to select the most relevant technical scenarios for implementation and to scope out pilots and communities for support.

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  • Interest in HPC federation and simplifying access to individual researchers to the SCALAC HPC systems. A possible approach could be similar how EGI offers access to compute resources through the EGI Notebooks service with a pre-defined quota, EduGAIN (via Check-in) and a lightweigth, manual eligibility vetting (to prevent misuse of resources). 
    • The Way how EGI federates HPC systems is described in (EGI HPC integration handbook). Maybe it does not detail the Notebooks layer on top of HPC, but this is something that EGI can help with separately.
  • Implementing an HPC federation broadly speaking would require two areas of work:
    • 1. Setup of an integrated access management layer. Something similar to the which serves as a 'shopwindow' for users to access EGI resources. It requires a user community support team who receives & evaluates the access requests, maps them to appropriate HPC sites, supports the users getting access and making use.  
    • 2. A technical federation with
      • Single Sign-on (similar to EGI Check-in:
      • Integrated helpdesk, accounting, availability-reliability monitoring.  (EGI Internal services:
  • The FitSM IT Service Management methodology can help RedClara/SCALAC define their Service Portfolio, Order Management, etc. 
    • EGI will give a foundation FitSM course at the EGI Conference in June in Poznan. 
    • RedClara/SCALAC can order a FitSM 'in-house' training from EGI: (either f2f or zoom)
  • Support for OpenStack:
    • EGI service documentations are at
    • The section that explains how to federate OpenStack sites is (EGI does not provide documetation on how to setup an OpenStack site)
  • Upcoming events:
    • EGI Conference, June 19-23, Poznan, Poland. Call for contribution will open soon. 
    • CARLA conference, Sept 18-22, Cartagena de Indias, Columbia:
      • Possible contributions from EGI:
        • FitSM training (f2f)
        • Tutorial: Reproducible open science with Notebooks and Binder. Example from the EGI22 conference: 
        • Introduction to EGI. Example from the EGI22 conference: 

Follow-up actions:

  • RedClara to discuss internally which technical solutions would be needed from EGI
  • RedClara to assess Possible contribution from EGI to CARLA
  • EGI to inform RedClara when the Call for Contribution of EGI'23 is opened
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