Operations Management Board

Tiziana Ferrari (EGI.EU)
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    • 10:00 10:10
      Introduction 10m
      - calendar of upcoming meetings - CF2013 call for contributions - documentation coordination handover - EGI CSRIT membership to OPS groups: proposed duties for extension of the AUP - audio conferencing tool from 01 Jan 2013 - review of current and future probes for integration into SAM - status and plans of decommissioning of NGI_IE - status of site publishing of UserDNs (J. Gordon)
      Speaker: Dr Tiziana Ferrari (EGI.EU)
      Sites not publishing UserDNs (22 Oct)
    • 10:10 10:30
      FOR APPROVAL. New version of Resource Centre Registration Procedure and Certification and VO Registration Procedure. New procedure for renaming of Resource Centres in GOCDB 20m
      Resource Centre Registration and Certification Procedure: Main changes: * CSIRT team involved in the certification process (step 7) * Certification process step 5 modified according to UNICORE and Globus request Main changes: * Procedure moved from https://documents.egi.eu/public/ShowDocument?docid=278 to wiki space * Role of VO supervisor moved from the User Community Support Team (UCST) to EGI Operations team * For Global VOs, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Operations Officer approval step was removed.
      Speaker: Malgorzata Krakowian (EGI.EU)
      NEW: PROC 15
      Revised PROC14
      Revised: PROC09
    • 10:30 10:45
      FOR APPROVAL. Stop of lcg-ce monitoring from Nov 01 2012 15m
      Proposal: from 01 Nov lcg-ce tests are removed from the three SAM profiles: ROC, ROC_OPERATORS (the list of tests generating alarms into the operations portal), and ROC_CRITICAL (the list of tests generating results that are taken into account for Availability/Reliability reports)
      Speaker: Dr Tiziana Ferrari (EGI.EU)
    • 10:45 10:50
      FOR APPROVAL. Turning probe org.sam.glexec.WN-gLExec into OPERATIONS 5m
      Speaker: Marcin Radecki (CYFRONET)
    • 10:50 11:10
      gLite 3.1/unsupported gLite 3.2 decommissioning: status and next steps 20m
      Speakers: Marcin Radecki (CYFRONET) , Ron Trompert (SARA) , Dr Sven Gabriel (Nikhef)
      COD update
      EGI CSIRT update
    • 11:10 11:40
      UMD update calendar and release highlights, status and issues with software provisioning 30m
      Speaker: Mario David (LIP Lisbon)
    • 11:40 12:00
      Software provisioning and support after EMI/IGE: status update 20m
      Speaker: Dr Tiziana Ferrari (EGI.EU)
    • 12:00 12:10
      Followup of underperforming Resource Centres 10m
      Previous procedure based on COD tickets is now obsolete: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Availability_and_reliability_monthly_statistics#Process_for_quality_verification
      Speaker: Ron Trompert (SARA)
    • 12:10 12:15
      AOB 5m
      - Globus and UNICORE tests will become operations on 1 Nov