VT- CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) - 1st Teleconference

by Webex

by Webex

This is a teleconference of the 'Technology Study for CTA' EGI Virtual Team project: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/VT_Technology_study_for_CTA. Claudio Vuerli will chair the session with support from Amsterdam by Gergely Sipos and Richard McLennan. Webex connection details are at the foot of this page. Please also ensure you have read all the included briefing material. Agenda: 1. Welcome and acknowledge all participants - apologies received - note any absent members. 2. Introduction by Chair with outline of aims of this meeting. 3. Review of VT project workplan 4. Individual introductions by each participant: - Name and position? - How do you plan to contribute to the VT project? - Do you know your local (national) CTA group? - What role does your local CTA group play in the CTA project? - Who do you know in your local CTA community? - What have you done so far for your local CTA group and what are the plans for the future? 5. Discussion of workplan and next steps - Assignment of Task Leaders for Tasks 1 - 4. 6. Project administration, reporting and monitoring (Richard) 7. Acceptance of previous Minutes(nil now but normally in previous Indico entry). 8. Review of assigned actions 9. Emerging issues 10. AOB 11. Details of next meeting date, time, purpose. The teleconference will be hosted through Webex, connection details disseminated 18 Jan by separate e-mail. (note there is limited or no compatibility with Mac OS and or Linux/Ubuntu).
EGI CTA VT Roadmap v1.0
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