EGI Service offerings to CMMST community - Webinar

by Dr Gergely Sipos (EGI.EU)

EGI Webex

EGI Webex

In this Webinar presentation Gergely Sipos from EGI.eu will provide an overview of the services that the European Grid Infrastructure Collaboration offers to the 'Chemistry, Molecular & Materials Science and Technology' community (CMMST). The presentation is delivered for the members and partners of the 'Towards a CMMST VRC' Virtual Team project of EGI. For further information about this project please refer to https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Towards_a_CMMST_VRC.

The following topics are covered in the Webinar:
* The EGI collaboration (stakeholders, members, users, projects, etc)
* EGI User support structure +++
* EGI Services for scientific communities:
* Virtual Organisations
* Grid services ++
* Cloud infrastructure +++++
* Services for community management and collaboration +++
* Ready-to-use scientific applications that are integrated with the EGI ++++
* Workflow development and execution tools in EGI (incl. workflow of workflows) ++++
* Scientific gateway portals in EGI +++++
* Connecting (federating and sharing) high performance computing and storage resources ++
* Links to other e-infrastructure initiatives +
- Infrastructure integration activities with EUDAT and PRACE
- Comparison of portals, mention the CHAIN portal

- Webinar (~60 minutes)
- Q&A, discussion (~60 minutes)

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