EGI User Engagement Strategy and the NGI Int. Liaisons (F2F in Helsinki)

Room 10 (Helsinki)

Room 10


Helsinki University, Main Building
Gergely Sipos (EGI.EU)
This face-to-face meeting is organised for the members of the EGI Engagement Board to discuss latest developments of EGI's user engagement domain. Members of the board are: NGI International Liaisons, EGI Champions, User Community Board. The meeting is open to any other attendee of the EGI Community Forum, but registration on this page is required. (See link below.)

Link to spreadsheet to record your topics of interest to participate in EGI-Engage Competence Centre:

Agenda (with one break):
1. Welcome and introductions
2. Highlights from the CF programme
3. Updates from active projects:
- Towards a CMMST VRC / Alessandro Costantini
- Support for genome analysis and protein folding / Afonso Duarte 
- Promoting Desktop Grids / Robert Lovas
- Business Engagement Programme for SMEs / Javier Jimenez

4. Engagement Strategy planning (June-December)
- National plans - presented by the NILs (1 slide each)
- Community plans - presented by UCB members (1 slide each)
- plans
- Proposals (such as new VTs)
- Suggestions for NIL community building and user support

5. DCC preparations for EGI-Engage
- Updated DCC call
- NGI presentations - new and updated (Follow-up of this week's teleconference meetings)

6. Planning for the next forum: EGI Conference on Solutions and Challenges for Big Data Processing
What would like the NILs see in the programme? (2.5 days, 2 sessions in total, 1 session to user topics)

7. AOB

NILs' dinner:
A NILs' dinner is planned for Tuesday (20th) in a restaurant nearby the conference venue. The dinner is open for NILs, UCB and DCC members. If you wish to join the dinner then please indicate this in the doodle ASAP: (The dinner is not included in the CF registration package and must be payed by the participants.)

(Link to this 3h long meeting in the overall EGI Community Forum programme:
  • Afonso Duarte
  • Alessandro Costantini
  • Alexandre Bonvin
  • Antonio Lagana
  • Eric Yen
  • Fotis Psomopoulos
  • Geneviève Romier
  • Goncalo Borges
  • Isabel Campos
  • Ivana Krenkova
  • Javier Jimenez
  • John Kewley
  • Ladislav Hluchy
  • Onur Temizsoylu
  • Robert Lovas
  • Sergio Maffioletti
  • Tom Whyntie
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