November 10, 2011
Europe/Amsterdam timezone
Over the next few months we will be establishing a network of ‘NGI International Coordinators’ that will help build this vital aspect of our community. Working together with teams in, the NGI Coordinator will link the non-operational activities taking place around the production infrastructure in their NGIs, and in other NGIs, to a European wide strategy. These non-operational activities cover:

* Marketing & Communication
* Strategic Planning and Policy Support
* Community outreach and events
* Technical outreach and support to new communities

The initial phase of this work will be in defining the strategies that will be adopted to engage new user communities both locally and at a European level. Growing the diversity and usage of our user community will help to demonstrate the importance of further investment nationally and within Europe.

The purpose of this meeting is two fold:
1. To discuss the role of the NGI Coordinator and the structures we are proposing to use to manage the virtual teams working on the individual project ideas.
2. To identify projects that we as a community feel are important and to start establishing the virtual teams to work on them. See the proposal for a few user engagement projects attached to this page below (Materials: Paper)

If you have further project ideas to engage with new users please let the chair of the event know so that we can arrange a presentation slot for you!
Science Park, Amsterdam, NL
For the list of recommended hotels please refer to For directions to the venue (CWI buiding in Science Park Campus) check and