Federated Cloud User Support meeting



This is a regular, bi-weekly teleconference for those who are involved in the Operation and User Support of the EGI Federated Cloud infrastructure. The meeting is coordinated by the EGI.eu User Community Support Team and involves participants from several members of the EGI collaboration. The goals of the meeting are: 1. Provide updates about the status of the EGI Federated Cloud infrastructure and the related user support activities. 2. Provide updates about the use of the infrastructure by users and use cases. 3. Identify bottlenecks, issues and opportunities for improving the infrastructure and the user support services. 4. Initiate new activities for improved operation and support activities. 5. Receive and discuss new cloud services from from the EGI Federated Cloud Task Force. 6. Capture user requirements and feedback for the EGI Federated Cloud Task Force and other relevant partners. Agenda: 1. Update about users (Diego) * Support process * Use cases * High level tools 2. Resource allocation (Malgorzata, Roksana) * Existing VOs and usage statistics * Resource allocation tool, process and cases 3. Virtual Appliances Marketplace (Marios) 4. New services - updates from the FCTF (Diego) 5. Promotion materials (Neasan/Sara) 6. Training & technical outreach (Gergely) 7. Updates from members Connection details: http://connect.ct.infn.it/egi-inspire-jra1/
The agenda of this meeting is empty