10-13 November 2015
Villa Romanazzi Carducci
Europe/Rome timezone

Accessing Grids and Clouds with DIRAC services

11 Nov 2015, 16:00
Scuderia (Villa Romanazzi Carducci)


Villa Romanazzi Carducci


Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS)


Multiple scientific communities are using more and more intensive computations to reach their research goals. Various computing resources can be exploited by these communities making it difficult to adapt their applications for different computing infrastructures. Therefore, there is a need for tools for seamless aggregation of different computing and storage resources in a single coherent system. With the introduction of Clouds as a new innovative way of provisioning the computing resources, the necessity for the means of their efficient usage grows even more. The DIRAC project develops and promotes software for building distributed computing systems. Both workload and data management tools are provided as well as support for high level workflows and massive data operations. Services based on the DIRAC interware are now provided by several national grid infrastructure projects. The DIRAC4EGI service is operated by the EGI project itself. Other DIRAC services are provided by a number of national computing infrastructures ( France, UK, China, etc ). Those services are used by multiple user communities with different requirements and amounts of work. Experience of running multi-community DIRAC4EGI and national DIRAC services will be presented in this contribution.

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A.Tsaregorodtsev, DIRAC Distributed Computing Services, 2014 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 513 032096

Primary author

Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS)

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