May 9 – 12, 2017
Europe/Rome timezone

EGI-INDIGO workshop on community application support

EGI-INDIGO workshop on community application support

This interactive workshop will support scientific communities in the integration and development of domain-specific applications with e-infrastructure services. The event brings together representatives of scientific communities, projects, Research Infrastructures with the developers and providers of EGI & INDIGO-DataCloud e-infrastructure software and services.

The workshop will present and demonstrate the main capabilities of the EGI and INDIGO-DataCloud services and solutions, and will show examples of certain scientific communities adopting these in domain-specific setups. The workshop is an excellent opportunity for scientific groups to engage with e-infrastructure providers and to gain understanding about the various capabilities and options that e-infrastructure services offer for large scale, distributed computing and data handling.


Day 1 (half day in Tuesday afternoon):

  • Presenting the service/solution portfolios of European e-infrastructures
  • Presentations by selected research communities about their envisaged domain setups on e-infrastructures

Day 2 (full day on Wednesday):

  • Morning is split into two tracks
    • (1) Mature communities exchange experiences and discuss technical details of e-infrastructure service/solution with providers.
    • (2) New communities can follow introductory talks and demos about specific e-infrastructure solutions and can discuss paths for service adoption with providers.
  • Afternoon is joint session discussing and formulating roadmaps for the adoption of e-infrastructure services within the scientific communities who are present at the event.

What will we get out of the workshop?

  • Better understanding of the participating scientific communities’ use cases
  • Detailed understanding of EGI and INDIGO-DataCloud services and capabilities
  • Implementation plans for the integration of community-specific applications with e-infrastructures
  • Social network formed between application and e-infrastructure service providers
  • Gaps in e-infrastructure offerings, and service candidates to fill these gaps

The workshop is organised for

  • Scientific project, research infrastructures, research communities or SMEs who would like to setup, access or operate community applications on e-infrastructures.
  • Technology and service providers from e-infrastructure communities. These providers will engage with the scientific communities during interactive discussions.


EGI: Gergely Sipos

INDIGO-DataCloud: Jesus Marco de Lucas, Roberto Barbera