Introduction and overview by Ludek Matyska

Session 1 Open Science/EOSC National Policies 09:00 - 11:00
Presentations folder
Open Science Strategy Landscapes, Gap Analysis and Recommendations - Filipa Pereira (EOSC Synergy)
National Policy Landscapes – Sara di Giorgio (EOSC Pillar)
Open Science /EOSC policies in the Nordics - Per-Olov Hammargren (EOSC Nordic)
Open Science EOSC and national policies and strategies in SEE - Ilias Papastamatiou (NI4OS Europe)
FAIRSFAIR Policy Support – Joy Davidson (FAIRSFAIR)

Panel Discussion with Filipa Pereira,Sara di Giorgio, Per-Olov Hammargren, Ilias Papastamatiou, Joy Davidson, Helen Clare, Gareth O’Neill. Chair: Ludek Matyska**

Coffee/tea break 11:00 - 11:30

Session 2 Funding policies 11:30 - 13:00
Presentations folder
EOSC Synergy perspective and recommendations on funding – Dale Robertson (EOSC Synergy)
Getting a grip on sustainability - Rebecca Reichenbach (EOSCPillar)
Funding models supporting cross border collaborations: lessons learnt from the Nordics – Lars Fischer (EOSC Nordic)
NOSCI organizational and funding models towards sustainability – Eleni Toli (NI4OS Europe)

Panel Discussion with Dale Robertson, Rebecca Reichenbach, Lars Fischer, Eleni Toli, Franciska de Jong (CLARIN ERIC). Chair: Sara Garavelli**
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Lunch break 13:00 - 14:00

Session 3 Access Provisioning Policies 14:00 - 15:15
Presentations folder
EOSC Synergy perspective and recommendations on Access policies – Ignacio Blanquer (EOSC Synergy)
Mind the gap: data access may have strings attached – Jos van Wezel (EOSC Pillar)
Access provisioning policies in national context - Per-Olov Hammargren (EOSC Nordic)/ Peter Maccallum (ELIXIR)
The Open Call for accessing NI4OS-Europe services - Andreas Athenodorou (NI4OS Europe)

Panel Discussion with Ignacio Blanquer, Jos van Wezel, Per-Olov Hammargren/ Peter Maccallum, Andreas Athenodorou, Mark Van der Sanden, Hien Bui. Chair: Volker Beckmann**
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Session 4 Feedback poll and conclusions 15:15 - 16:00
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