11-14 April 2011
Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius
Europe/Vilnius timezone

ERINA+ a framework for self assessing the impact of your project

12 Apr 2011, 14:00
3h 30m
Epsilon (60) (Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius)

Epsilon (60)

Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius

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isabel matranga (engineering group)


During the last eConcertation meeting the EC has driven the attention for impact assessment at project level. ERINA+ aims at evaluating the impact of e-Infrastructure funded projects through the deployment of an effective socio-economic methodology. It will propose a pro-active self-assessment methodology for future e-Infrastructure projects to use. ERINA+ will reach its objective by cooperating with twenty ongoing e-Infrastructure funded projects wich will work with ERINA+ team assesessing their potential outputs in terms of socio-economic benefits by applying ERINA+ impact assessment methodology. This session will serve as an open discussion on the methodology contributing to the development of a common understanding about economic evaluation as recommended by the EC. It will be an opportunity for project representatives, experts in economic analysis, users and service/resource providers to meet, discuss and share perspectives on a common framework for impact assessment.


This workshop will impact both on the selected twenty projects in the e-Infrastructures and Gèant unit, but also on other projects and initiatives that may want to adopt the proposed framework.
The importance of impact assessment was discussed during the 8th Concertation Meeting in Geneva during which it was stated that evaluation is vital to keep EU policies effective and ensure transparency and accountability. Measuring impact may also attract more investments in the e-Infrastructure area, a step toward sustainability.
Several communities and Research areas have developed and consolidated impact assessment methodologies that allow the assessment of specific sectors and technologies. ERINA+ aims at proposing a methodology to the e-Infrastructures arena which will be structure in a way so that impact assessment can be perfomred by each project without any specific competence. A set of guidelines, best practices and lessons learned will be discussed and promoted during this and other public events.
Users of the e-Infrastructures will also have a role in this public exercise. Users will be the final target of a sound impact assessment, as well as the Member States. Impact assessment analysis is a useful tool for the evaluation of the investment and the a priori usefulness of e-Infrastructures.


Project: www.erinaplus.eu
Workshop: https://www.egi.eu/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=445

Description of the work

The session will be structured in two parts: the first one related to detail the methodology, and the second to open a debate on adoption and potential issues. More details of the agenda can be found https://www.egi.eu/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=445


Measuring the impact of projects is not an easy job (direct and indirect impact, short term and longer term impact). Furthermore, it is not only a matter of indicators but a matter of (change of) culture as well. ERINA+ aims at making impact assessment in the e-Infrastructure domain an easier job and this session will be a great opportunity to share perspectives, opinions, ideas on a common framework for impact assessment, promoting cooperation and disussion on this topic among project representatives, experts in economic analysis, users and service/resource providers.

Primary author

isabel matranga (engineering group)


Andrea Manieri (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA)

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