8-12 January 2018
Amsterdam Science Park
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

About the meeting

The EOSC-hub kickoff meeting aims at ensuring a good start of project activities by

  • Sharing information on the project concept and objectives
  • Establishing the project governance boards 
  • Defining activity plans for the first 12 project months
  • Presenting quality management and innovation management activities
  • Presenting IT Service Management activities

WP Meetings

WP Managers and task coordinators are requested to address the following points:

  • Appoint WP members per task to set up WP and task mailing lists
  • Define WP results and key exploitable results
  • Define PM01-PM12 work plan by detailing the distribution of activities per partner
  • Appoint lead authors and contributing organizations for each deliverable/milestone due in PM12
  • Discuss use of collaborative tools in the WP (mailing lists, information and documentation sharing in Confluence, action tracking/Jira, collaborative workspaces, meeting agenda management/Indico, document management, etc.)
  • Define quality metrics per WP
  • [WP6, 5, 7] Define usage metrics for each production service of the EOSC-hub catalogue to be used to measure virtual access in WP13

WP meetings are open and participation is primarily intended for WP managers, task coordinators, and WP experts, however, WP meetings are open, and members of other relevant WPs are welcome to attend.

Cross-WP Meetings

Cross-WP meetings are organized with the purpose of discussing collaboration and project activity workflows that concern tasks from different WPs.

Governance Meetings

The project General Assembly, Project Management Board, Activity Management Board will meet at the kickoff. Participation is limited to board members.

FitSM Foundation Training

FitSM is a standards family for lightweight IT Service Management (ITSM). The kick-off meeting offers the opportunity to be trained and certified in the FitSM, which is supported by the project. The Foundation level training provides an introduction to the basic IT service management concepts and terms, outlines the purpose and structure of FitSM standards and their relationship to other standards and understand the process framework underlying FitSM, and details the formal requirements defined within it.

The training will take place on Mon afternoon (8 Jan) and Tue mid-day (9 Jan), allowing attendance of the opening plenary. Only participants who register in advance can be admitted to the training. A limited number of participants is admitted, however, it is available to any interested project members and is highly recommended for task leaders and WP managers. Other training events will be organized during the project for anyone unable to attend due to clashes.

Project IT Service Management activities will be organized in line with FitSM, which facilitates service management in IT service provision, including federated scenarios. Through FitSM, the project aims at conducting effective IT service management in a federated environment and achieving a baseline level of ITSM that can act in support of ‘management interoperability’ in federated environments where disparate organisations must cooperate to manage services.

EOSC-hub/eInfraCentral Collaboration

On 12 Friday a meeting will take place aiming at establishing a project collaboration between EOSC-hub and eInfraCentral on service catalogue. The following EOSC-hub members are recommended to attend: WP2/WP4/WP5 managers, WP2.2 Service Roadmap coordinator, WP4.2 Order Management coordinator, WP5.2 Marketplace coordinator, WP10.2 Service catalogue roadmap coordinator, AMB coordinators, Project Director, Project Coordinator, PMB members.

Amsterdam Science Park
Conference Centre
Science Park 123 1098 XG Amsterdam