Engagement & NIL meeting

Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu)

This is a regular teleconference for the NGI International Liaisons (NIL), national/regional user community support teams and other stakeholders who are involved in EGI's 'Engagement activity'. The meeting is an important forum to update each other about progress and plans in EGI engagement, and to build the NIL community. 

The EGI Engagement activity reaches out to scientific communities, researchers, educators and innovators in academia and industry and supports them in tackling scientific challenges with the use of ICT services, solutions and consultancy from the EGI community. This complex task requires coordinated outreach, technical support, training, testing activities - by the distributed teams and skills that are available in EGI. The NGI International Liaisons are key enablers and contributors to this, by linking national initiatives and teams into the European EGI Engagement landscape. The NGI International Liaison role is described at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/NGI_International_Liaison, alongside with resources and materials that can help the NILs be successful in community outreach, engagement, support. 

The EGI Engagement activity is defined and driven by the Engagement Plan, which is described at http://go.egi.eu/engagementplan.

How to connect

Teleconference room: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/809023741

Notes of Engagement & NGI International Liaisons meeting

May 14, 2018.

Agenda page with presented slides: https://indico.egi.eu/indico/event/3986/  


Gergely Sipos (chair)

Alex Upton (CH)

Diego Scardaci (EGI.eu)

Enol Fernández (note taker)

Emir Imamagic (HR)

Geneviève Grenier (FR)

Hakan Bayindir (TR)

Joao Pina (PT)

Matthew Viljoen (EGI.eu)

Ivana Krenkova (CZ)

Sara Coelho (EGI.eu)

Stephane Gerard (BE)

Torben Rasmussen (SE)


Updates from EGI

Slides from Gergely

New NILs:

  • Introduction from Alex Upton


Comment from Genevieve about EGI-OpenAIRE collaboration:

  • In France, NOADs and NGIs are completely different organised and dependent of different organisations. Difficult to work together and lacking upper management support.

  • Gergely: We expect to see different landscape in every country. We’d like to organise a session at DI4R for national engagement/support teams where we can assess the landscape. But we need your input for this, i.e. information about the collaborations between NGIs and NOADs in countries where this is possible.


Link to Strategic Innovation Fund:



Updates from NILs

Emir (HR)

  • Participated in the session in Malaga, nice session to see that every NGI is moving towards the same direction (cloud)

  • Will upgrade HPC system with new GPUs

  • Will upgrade cloud systems to support applications like Jupyter, Galaxy and Mesos (required by DARIAH) (expected in 6 months time)

  • Local event to disseminate the services

  • Workshop on Singularity

  • Event to agronomy faculty last week

  • Upcoming event on Singularity


Genievieve (FR):


Hakan (TR):

  • No major updates since Malaga: Focus on LToS


Joao (PT)

  • Summary from Malaga: HTC part for WLCG, Increase on Cloud and HPC (focus on Cloud), more users coming, infrastructure saturated

  • Aim to support Meloa project

  • Preparing DI4R and IBERGRID event (hold on the same place as DI4R, next day 12th October)


Ivana (CZ):

  • Organised local grid workshop for > 70 people

  • Operate computing and storage to local ELIXIR community. Also operating AAI and Galaxy, Repeat Explorer

  • Galaxy workshop end of May

  • Support for AAI for the LS community


Stephan (BE):

  • New website to be ready in the next days

  • Flemish user day by HPC centre

  • Training session towards the end of 2018


Torben (SE):

  • WLCG is major user in the EGI context

  • Other potential activities, need to see how to engage more actively


Alex (CH):


There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 14:00 14:30
      Updates from EGI 30m
      * Welcoming new NILs * Progress with the implementation of the current Engagement Plan that covers Q1-2 of 2018 (http://go.egi.eu/engagementplan) * Report from EOSC-hub week * Other updates from EGI (NOAD collaboration, Innovation fund, Summer schools, EGI event 2019, ...)
    • 14:30 15:00
      Updates from the NGIs - Short round table update meeting attendees 30m
    • 15:00 15:25
      Discussion 25m
      * Priorities for next version of the engagement plan (Q3-4 2018) * EGI events 2019
    • 15:25 15:30
      AOB 5m