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Meeting ID: 869 0241 2905
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Matthew Viljoen (EGI)
Alessandro Paolini (EGI)
Adrian Coveney (STFC)
Baptiste Grenier (EGI)
Carlos Fernandez (CESGA)
Cǎtǎlin Condurache (EGI)
Cyril L'Orphelin (IN2P3)
David Cohen (NGI_IL)
David Kelsey (STFC)
Dragoş Ciobanu-Zabet
Emir Imamagić
Greg Corbett (STFC)
Guenter Grein (KIT)
Ionuţ Vasile (NGI_RO)
Ivan Rodero (EMSO)
Jan Astalos (NGI_SK)
Joao Pina (LIP)
Kostas Koumantaros (GRNET)
Linda Cornwall (STFC)
Matthew Steven Doidge
Michael Kugel (Walton Institute)
Miroslav Ruda (CESNET)
Oxana Smirnova (LU)
Renato Santana (EGI)
Rubén (CESGA)
Gianfranco Sciacca (LHEP)
Themis Zamani (GRNET)

1005 Accounting Repository, Adrian
the most critical work is the migration from RH7 (EoS is next year)
the middle 2 points are linked
then improvements to build/test/release workflows  

Alessandro: another requirement after ACE is the integration with other accounting systems (particularly EOSC), more details of this will be known soon

1020 Accounting Portal, Carlos and Ivan
Ivan: AP has been evolving over the years. New arch is to help us to move to the next level. We see here features that can be inc. into architecture, addressing scalability. API is very important aspect opening the door for many improvements

Alessandro: new benchmark will be in place from 1 Apr. From then, sites can send accounting data normalized with the new benchmark.  
GPU/cloud accounting is being done with the accounting repo people and will be done in coming months. Good to see the evolution of the portal in this direction. 

Carlos: the new Accounting Portal will be rolled out with new benchmark from next week.

Kostas: is there a demo of new interface? Carlos: yes there will be a demo of this from next week. 

The link to this demo instance will be sent to the OMB mailing list

Kostas: this is a major change that should go through CHM. Also the change to HEPSPEC which may have an impact of users of the accounting data. 

Cǎtǎlin as new EGI Foundation CHM process manager will contact Carlos/Ivan to ensure they're aware of what is needed for CHM

1035 ARGO Monitoring, Themis

Ivan has had good experiences with Sensu

Greg: Regarding the notification changes sent for service endpoints. What if you have multiple endpoints? If sites run several endpoints at the same time, notifications are sent, regardless of where they are. This was agreed by the OMB. (Kostas/Emir replied)

Alessandro: Regarding the new view for raw data, the chance to resubmit tests immediately is not possible in the new view. 
Kostas: this is not possible. We want to move away from this Nagios functionality. It creates more noise rather than solving anything.
David: having immediate tests on demand is easier for debugging. 
Kostas: it can be possible to submit tests every 10mins.
Alessandro: possibility to re-submit tests is useful for debugging, which can be done every 10mins. For job submission metrics which only run every hour. Emir: for these jobs it isn't so easy to do on demand. 
Alessandro: this topic can be revisited at a future meeting. 
Themis: in dev infrastructure tests can run more frequently.

1050 ARGO Messaging, Themis

Adrian: since when has it been possible to use the production admin portal for Messaging? it's been useful to use for the development instance
Kostas/Themis: for a year, but it's not been advertised. We don't advertise it to everyone - it's still being developed. OK to be used, but it's being provided on a 'best efforts' basis.  

Adrian: @Kostas/Themis - does the AMS permission model support having a user that can read topic and subscription level metrics, but that can't otherwise make admin changes in a project?  I currently monitor the message backlog manually and would like to do that automatically, but would rather not put the admin token onto a host.

Themis: This should be possible but suggests that this request be sent and followed up by email. Adrian will do this.

1105 Helpdesk GGUS, Guenter

new feature requests will be added to the new Zammad based EGI helpdesk. Pavel is dealing with this. 
June 2024 is the end of support for RHEL7. should have something in place by the end of this year. 

Renato: hope that Guenter will continue after 2024, and continue to benefit from Guenter's experience. Guenter will continue to be involved to provide information, but the management of the new system will pass to Pavel. 

1110 GOCDB, Adrian

Alessandro: it would be useful to know which certificates are talking to the api so they can be informed during the move to token based authentication
Greg: a list of certificates can be generated manually

1118 Operations Portal, Cyril

Cyril: for future maintenance funding there is no participation in the procurement projects. 
Matt: this is something that we will check with Tiziana and confirm to Cyril the funding status

Alessandro: plans for moving away from RHEL7?
Cyril: currently there are no dependencies on this. It's only on the backend, and we've already moved to Rocky Linux.

1125 UMD/CMD SW Provisioning infrastructure, Joao

Alessandro: in the old infra we used RT. Joao: in the future we will only use Git.

-Let us know if this format and transparency of the roadmaps is useful to you. Do you agree with our proposal to do updates of this every 3 months? also as a brief summary as part of the normal OMB agenda or as a dedicated meeting like today? please provide feedback either to the OMB list or directly to Alessandro/Matt

-We plan an in-depth discussions at the EGI Conference about the migration from Remedy to Zammad behind the GGUS EGI Helpdesk. This will include examining/discussing the roadmap with the aim to deprecate the Remedy based service during 2024. 
-The provisionary date for next OMB is 20 April - to be confirmed on the OMB mailing list

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