Technical Services from TNA2.5

Meeting Room (

Meeting Room

Amsterdam, Science Park 140
Gergely Sipos (EGI.EU)
This is a half day long coordination meeting for those teams that develop and provide software services for the EGI community in the TNA2.5 task of the EGI-InSPIRE project (TNA2.5 - Technical Outreach for New Communities). These software services are:

This meeting will be held on the day after the "NGI International Liaisons kick-off meeting" ( where the details of "Virtual Teams" for user engagement will be elaborated and the role of NGI International Liaisons will be clarified.

This half day meeting will review the workplans of the techical services with respect to the needs and requirements of "Virtual Teams" and "NGI International Liaisons". The goal of this meeting is to define development directions for these tools that are aligned with the directions of the Virtual Teams so the tools will be able to support these teams and the NGI International Liaisons.

Each team is expected to contribute to this meeting with plans, ideas and proposals about the possible improvement and extension of the tools with respect to the support for Virtual Teams.

The meeting will finish at 12:30 the latest.

The meeting will be held in the meeting room in Amsterdam Science Park.
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