9-11 October 2018
Europe/Lisbon timezone


EuroHPC a new player in the game - PRACE/GEANT organizer session

9 Oct 2018, 11:30


ISCTE, University of Lisbon


By end of this year the new Joint Undertaking EuroHPC will be founded. EuroHPC will pool European resources to develop top-of-the-range exascale supercomputers for processing big data, based on competitive European technology. Its aim is to acquire and provide a world-class pre-exascale supercomputing infrastructure to Europe's scientific and industrial users, matching their demanding application requirements by 2020, and to develop exascale supercomputers based on competitive EU technology that the Joint Undertaking could acquire around 2022/2023. Together with GÉANT who has unified the national research and education networks (NRENs) into a pan-European research network, interconnecting universities, research institutes, experiments and HPC centers and PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, aiming for high-impact scientific discovery and engineering research and development across all disciplines to enhance European competitiveness for the benefit of society, a truly European HPC landscape will be created. New services also open to industry and public services will be available and complete the HPC offer already existing today. Find out how this will benefit new service users and what the opportunities will be.

Proposed programme:

  1. 30 min Introduction EuroHPC by EC

  2. 15 min PRACE perspective

  3. 15 min GEANT perspective

  4. 30 min Round table EuroHPC and EOSC – perspectives and opportunities. How can we work together? How will exascale computing benefit users?

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